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Field Mission to Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia in March 2023

From 6th to 9th March 2023, the project team undertook a field mission to present the reinforced project strategy and organizational structure to government representatives and key EU and UN partners from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

The team engaged in discussions with beneficiary governments to assess their current priorities, needs and ongoing support provided by UNOPS experts. These discussions helped identify areas where the project could provide targeted technical assistance and strengthen engagement to support the beneficiaries in their EU accession process.

Additionally, the project consulted with representatives of Royal Norwegian Embassies, EU Delegations and UNRC Office (Serbia) to present the project's approach and further engagement with key stakeholders. This engagement aimed to foster greater collaboration, coordination and knowledge sharing among all stakeholders and partners involved in supporting the beneficiary countries.

As part of the project's ongoing efforts to provide hands-on support, a field mission to Serbia took place on 4th-6th April. During this mission, the project team worked closely with government beneficiaries to ensure that UNOPS support is well-targeted, effective and aligned with the needs of the beneficiaries.

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Mar 08, 2023
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