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‘Knowledge for Reform Action in the Western Balkans’ Programme Joint Consultation Meeting in Vienna: UNOPS Austria Multi Country Office & Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade

In a significant encounter on 22 January 2024, Mrs. Freya von Groote, the Director of UNOPS Austria Multi Country Office met with H.E. Ms. Kristin Melsom, the Norwegian Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro. The primary focus of the high-profile meeting aimed to fortify the strategic direction of the Knowledge for Reform Action in the Western Balkans Programme and convene on the extensive support provided in the region. 

The programme team underlined the need for sustained momentum, outlining plans to scale up operations and expand its Technical Support Assistance in all six Western Balkan countries on a demand-driven basis. At the heart of the discussion lay a shared vision: to empower the Western Balkans through knowledge-driven reforms by aligning strategies with regional needs and aspirations, thereby reinforcing the current programme management strategic approach.

Both teams  highlighted their commitment to fostering   strategic synergies within the region, outlining ambitions plans for the organization of a series of national  knowledge-sharing events  throughout 2024 and 2025. These events will be strategically designed to focus on specific topics of interest, promoting an exchange of insights and expertise among stakeholders in the region. This initiative aims to create a platform for in-depth discussions, furthering the shared vision of enhancing knowledge and cooperation within the Western Balkans and fostering European integration.

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Jan 22, 2024