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In a significant stride towards enhancing governance and democratic institutions in North Macedonia, within the joint Norway-UNOPS programme, expertise and collaboration have led to the development of pivotal roadmaps and capacity-building initiatives, solidifying the nation's path towards the rule of law and efficient public administration.

Rule of Law Roadmap Takes Shape: Within the collaborative framework, programme expert provided the first draft of the Rule of Law Roadmap for North Macedonia. Invaluable support was provided n drafting strategic, legal, and administrative aspects of the roadmap, fostering capacity development and performance evaluation. The Macedonian team greatly benefited from the continuous exchange of information and drafts, utilizing the roadmap as a foundational resource for further advancements.

Leading the Way in Public Administration Improvement: The teamwork resulted in a significant achievement - the first version of the roadmap for Public Administration Reform (PAR). The experts brought in valuable insights on strategy, laws, skill-building, and careful evaluation. This joint effort greatly helped our colleagues in North Macedonia as they put together the document, setting the stage for more successful PAR projects ahead.

Empowering Democratic Institutions: At the request of stakeholders, the programme extended its expertise to the formulation of the Functioning of Democratic Institutions (FDI) roadmap's first draft. The experts' support was instrumental in shaping strategic, legal, and administrative components of the roadmap, concentrating on vital areas such as electoral legislation, parliamentary activities, and civil society engagement. 

Fostering Chapter 22 Expertise: The Norway UNOPS joint programme went beyond documentation, providing a practical training to North Macedonia's administration, specifically the Working Group for Chapter 22 on Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments. Through the comprehensive workshop, the programme expert imparted insights on regional policy, coordination of structural instruments, and valuable experiences from neighboring countries. More than 30 participants contributed actively, culminating in a collaborative understanding and setting the stage for future endeavors.

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Aug 01, 2023