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Second workshop on EU alignment and policy design of Albania’s industrial policy

Albania's path towards EU alignment presents numerous opportunities and challenges, with a focus on areas such as decarbonisation, circular economy, critical raw materials and digital innovation. By aligning with EU standards and leveraging strategic investments, Albania aims to transform its economic model, enhance job creation and competitiveness and promote sustainable growth, in line with European values and principles with the support of UNOPS and UNIDO and the Norway-funded "Knowledge for Reform Action in the Western Balkans" (K4R) programme.

K4R aims to facilitate transformative change in Albania's industrial sector, and support the Ministry of Economy, Culture and Innovation in conducting a stakeholder mapping, needs assessment and policy tool inventory. By engaging in this initiative and leveraging collaborative partnerships in the region, Albania aims to position itself as a regional leader in industrial development, setting new benchmarks in line with EU standards.

The recent workshop held in Tirana on 20-21 May is part of a series of workshops focusing on the potential role of industrial policy in driving Albania’s national development and in the EU accession process. Led by UNOPS Partnership Advisor, the workshop addressed the potential direction of industrial policy based on a performance analysis of Albania’s manufacturing sector in the economic, social and environmental dimensions and a first prioritisation of policy objectives. During the workshop, the participants also kicked off the inventory of relevant  industrial policy instruments deployed by EU member states as well as the prioritisation of industrial sectors that might be sharpening the government's approach to industrial development. Finally, the workshop participants developed a comprehensive roadmap that includes all analytical, policy design and consultation steps required to draft the first industrial policy strategy in Albania.

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May 20, 2024