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Successful Evaluation of Montenegro's EU Accession Information Strategy

The Evaluation of the Strategy for Public Awareness of Montenegro's EU Accession 2019-2022 exemplifies the successful collaboration between the UNOPS program team, the external evaluator and the General Secretariat of the Government of Montenegro.

The aim of the Strategy implemented by the General Secretariat of the Government of Montenegro was to bridge the information gap between citizens and the EU, emphasizing the importance of the accession negotiations and highlighting the achievements and upcoming objectives of each chapter. The evaluation was crucial as the Strategy's validity expired in 2022, necessitating the submission of a final report to the government.

The external evaluator, appointed through the "Knowledge for Reform Action in the Western Balkan" program, focused on assessing the relevance, progress, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of the development efforts. The expert evaluated the Strategy's outcomes and performance, establishing the foundation for the subsequent Information Strategy.

Throughout the evaluation process, the cooperation and assistance from the Secretariat's Department for EU Public Information and Accession Process significantly facilitated the evaluation process.

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Mar 09, 2023